3, 2, 1, GO!

March 19th: Start date to my fitness commitment!

Why start now?

I have always struggled with being a little overweight and always tried to stick to a workout and good-food routine, but I would never lose the weight I was hoping for. My current weight is the heaviest I’ve ever weighed, but I feel more fit than ever with lots of love handels. I noticed that I was no longer gaining weight with my current workout routine and not loosing any either!! Frustrating! 

My Opportunity…

My opportunity arrived when Coleen Craig from Fitness Kitchen LA introduced me to Tom Nelson from Muscle Mechanics. Despite my frustration I am determined to push myself and shed these 30 lbs. in a way that is natural and healthy and Tom’s plan is just that.

I have been assigned a custom workout and nutrition plan thanks to Tom Nelson. The nutrition plan consists of 5-6 customized meals everyday, with one exception of a Sunday Cheat Day (CHEAT DAY is when I get to eat Anything I want)!! I have always thought that a diet consists of eating less food, but on Tom’s plan I eat more food than I can put down. It is hard to eat it all of a meal without feeling queazy -at first, but you have to eat it all or else the plan will not work.

I eat all day long and have stick with the meal & workout plan and have successfully lost 4lbs. in 5 days! Im feeling pretty good about myself!

Weighing In

Date                             Weight

March 19th                  150 lbs.

March 24th                  146 lbs.

Lost 4 lbs. in 5 days (March 19-24)


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